An interview with Rüdiger Behn in the Lebensmittel Zeitung from 06 October 2023.

The Germans’ desire to party is unbroken – despite or especially because one crisis follows the next. Rüdiger Behn, co-inventor of the party spirit with squinting eyes and and associate of Waldemar Behn, may have scored the next hit. For him, success is more a matter of coincidence.

Germans are partying again – has your Kleiner Feigling also overcome the Corona slump?

Even before the pandemic, people were looking for relief from everyday life. They want to free themselves for two or three hours from all the crises that surround us. But a crisis tends to be short-term. When crisis follows crisis, as we are currently experiencing, the state of crisis becomes a fact of life and the need for relief is correspondingly great. That’s how I explain why big events, street festivals, carnivals, concerts or even Oktoberfests were and are really crowded in the last two years, even though the freely available purchasing power is declining.

You can download and read the entire “Interview in PDF format” in German here.