Annika Schlechtweg was named the best trainee of 2023 by the IHK Kiel

We wholeheartedly congratulate our colleague Annika Schlechtweg (photo in the middle) on her outstanding achievement as the best trainee of the year in Schleswig-Holstein in 2023. Annika completed her training as an industrial clerk this year and was honored at the IHK Kiel awards ceremony on September 29th, 2023.

She and 53 other top trainees were congratulated by IHK President Knud Hansen (photo fourth from left), IHK General Manager Jörg Orlemann (photo on the far right) and Jörn Krüger (photo on the far left), director of the Schleswig-Holstein Institute for Vocational Training Education (SHIBB).

During her three-year training as an industrial clerk, Annika got to know numerous positions in our company. She was particularly impressed by the good support from Andreas Schildt’s team (photo second from left) and, above all, the diverse and responsible tasks in accounting. There she continues to shape our future today.
We would like to thank Annika for her tireless efforts and look forward to continued successful collaboration. She is a true role model for current and future trainees and a real power woman.