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Waldemar Behn Gmbh, today in its fourth generation, is one of the leading producers of premium spirits worldwide and has successfully put brands such as DANZKA Vodka, Dooley’s Original Toffee Cream Liqueur and Kleiner Feigling on the market.

This success would not be possible without our more than 380 dedicated employees, who contribute daily with their individual personalities and ideas, to the achievement of our aims.

In spite of our international character, we emphasize our family-orientated, regional roots, as well as the values of a family-run company. Our corporate identity is characterized by the human touch, low profile hierarchy and an open dialogue between departments, generations and individuals.

If you are attracted to the opportunity of contributing personal responsibility and effort into the attainment of our future aims, please find in our career section all that you require for a successful job application.

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