Successful Introduction of Microsoft 365

We have made significant progress in our digital transformation.

To be successful in the long term, one must step out of the comfort zone.

With the introduction of M365, we have made significant progress in our digital transformation.

Philipp Fellmann, our Managing Director, summarizes the experience: “This was a good investment in every respect. Our goal was to achieve barrier-free collaboration and to ensure the security of our data. As a modern employer, we also want to keep up with the times in the digital space.” We have achieved these goals by focusing on targeted internal communication and the (partial) automation of our processes.

A key to success was the involvement and training of our employees. By identifying key users like Lisa Behn, who drive the change process, we were able to address fears and reservations and promote a culture of acceptance and effective use of M365. Lisa Behn, as an experienced M365 user and trainee in the company, emphasizes: “For us, it is now important to stay on the ball and continue to accompany, support, and especially live the transformation among all colleagues.”

We would also like to thank Christian Spallek and the team from Team Business IT (a subsidiary of Team Beverage AG) for their expertise and support. Their experience with M365 and their tailored employee training were indispensable for the success of this project.

The benefits we are already experiencing are enormous: improved, barrier-free communication, more efficient collaboration, optimized processes, and enhanced mobile working capability. Lars Berlau, Head of IT Infrastructure, puts it succinctly: “The effort was high, but the gain is even greater!”

We are proud of this step and look forward to continuing to reap the fruits of this digital transformation. 🚀

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