Size does matter: Kleiner Feigling Cookie Vanilla

  • Kleiner Feigling Cookie Vanilla is now also available as a limited edition in a 0.02-litre bottle.
  • Available just in time for the start of the carnival season on 11.11.
  • Ideally suited to festive events and social celebrations, the small bottle promises fun and unforgettable party moments in both glass and PET versions – perfect for Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve and beyond.

Following last year’s success of Kleiner Feigling Cookie Vanilla in the 0.5-litre bottle, WALDEMAR BEHN presents the latest addition to the range: Kleiner Feigling Cookie Vanilla is now also available in the party-ready 0.02-litre bottle, as long as stocks last. Perfectly suited to events and celebrations, the small bottle in glass and PET versions offers an extraordinary enjoyment experience and creates the same party atmosphere as its big brother.

Kleiner Feigling Cookie Vanilla in the 0.02-litre bottle is the creamiest flavor in the Kleiner Feigling family and is 100 per cent vegan. Like all Kleiner Feigling varieties, the popular liqueur is entirely based on natural ingredients and German vodka. Instead of real cream Kleiner Feigling Cookie Vanilla contains a plant-based alternative that will make any cream liqueur turn green with envy. The intense, full-bodied flavour of chocolate, vanilla and crispy biscuits is an irresistible temptation for all those who are unable to resist sweet temptations and want to experience unforgettable moments full of pleasure.

The unmistakable label with crispy chocolate cookies not only awakens the anticipation of indulgence, but also makes Kleiner Feigling Cookie Vanilla a tasty addition to any Christmas party and a handy companion through the carnival season. An indispensable must-have that will delight party lovers and connoisseurs alike.


Fact Check Kleiner Feigling Cookie Vanilla

  • Limited Edition
  • 0,02-litre bottle
  • 15 % vol.
  • vegan
  • RRP 0,59 EUR
  • available now, as long as stocks last

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