Kleiner Feigling

Who is not familiar with those famous Kleiner Feigling eyes, along with the many games and drinking rituals associated with Germany’s leading party brand? Wherever cheerful, happy people gather, Kleiner Feigling is not far away from the celebration, or perhaps the other way around! Whether tapped together or just drunk down immediately, this popular small bottle represents cult!

Original 20% vol.
Bubble Gum 20% vol.
Coco Biscuit 15% vol.
Luxus Lakritz 20% vol.
Magic Mango 15% vol.
Erdbeer Colada 15% vol.
Kirsch-Banana 15% vol.
Red Berry Sour 15% vol.
Special Edition Cookie Vanilla 15% vol. – limited




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Connoisseur’s Tip


1 part of Kleiner Feigling
½ part lemon juice
Fill up with crushed ice and decorate with a mint leaf.


Kleiner Feigling - Fidgling Sour