Dooley's – Taste on ice. It's a love affair.
Dooley's - It´s a love affair

An eternal love affair – premium vodka, finest cream and a unique toffee-caramel recipe – simply heaven. It is the perfect drink to enjoy – just as it is – straight on ice and of course ideally with that special someone. But our multi-award-winning Cream Liqueur is well-known for mixing sophisticated cocktails and refined long drinks, thanks to its low fat content. Three delicious varieties to keep things interesting. Something to enjoy again and again.

Dooley´s Original Toffee Cream Liqueur 17% vol.
Dooley´s White Chocolate Cream Liqueur 15% vol.
Dooley´s Egg Cream Liqueur 15% vol.
Dooley´s Marzipan Cream Liqueur 15% vol. (Limited Edition)
Dooley´s Blueberry Cream Liqueur 15% vol. (Limited Edition)

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Connoisseur’s Tip


2 cl Dooley’s
1 cl Kahlúa
1 cl Rum 73%

Pour Kahlúa in the cocktail glas. Pour Dooley’s slowly over the back of a spoon in the glas and drip the rum.