Dooley's #dooleystoffee made with vodka & cream

No other cream liqueur has won so many gold medals and comparative test victories as Dooley’s Original Toffee Cream Liqueur. The finest vodka, quality cream and an unique toffee-caramel recipe combine to create the distinctive Dooley’s taste, which has been such a success in over 60 countries. Dooley’s is ideal for sophisticated cocktails and long drinks.

Dooley´s Original Toffee Cream Liqueur 17% vol.
Dooley´s Liquorice Cream Liqueur 15% vol.
Dooley´s White Chocolate Cream Liqueur 15% vol.
Dooley´s Egg Cream Liqueur 15% vol.
Dooley´s Cherry Vanilla Liqueur 15% vol.


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Connoisseur’s Tip


2 cl Dooley’s
1 cl Kahlúa
1 cl Rum 73%

Pour Kahlúa into cocktail glasses. Add Dooley’s with care, using a bar spoon. Slowly trickle in the rum at the end.