DANZKA to introduce new communication in Singapore

Waldemar Behn is proud to introduce you to the new communication of DANZKA:

designed to chill

The new communication platform underlines the true and core values of DANZKA. Of course it is about the iconic aluminum bottle – which cools faster and longer than a glass bottle – but it is also about the Danish roots, design and lifestyle. The visual experience which is pleasing the eyes is closely connected to the premium taste. DANZKA is the perfect brand to chill with.

This is clearly reflected in the new website: www.danzka.com

In addition to the new communication launch, Waldemar Behn will be featuring at the stand B21 in Singapore its new DANZKA twinpack and 4 x 1 litre case. The new presentations are designed to support its customers and provide an innovative and effective sales tool incorporating the advantage of the bottle being lighter than any other bottle. The 4 x1L pack is only having a total weight of 4,5kg.

About DANZKA Vodka: DANZKA vodka was established in Copenhagen and is a true Danish design icon. The vodka encompasses a pure taste experience comprised of the best natural ingredients. The brand even uses all natural raw materials to produce its bottles. The premium quality highly awarded is guaranteed through a combination of water extracted from the underground that has been demineralized, 100% whole grain and a six-column continuous distillation process – producing a smooth aromatic vodka, rich in taste. DANZKA Vodka is designed to chill. It cools five times faster than a usual glass bottle. But even more it is also a Danish driven lifestyle concept of enjoyment and relaxation. Furthermore the proprietary aluminum bottle protects one of the world’s greatest vodkas for safe handling and travel. DANZKA Vodka line consists of 40% alc vol (The Original) and a 50% alc vol version supplemented by five flavors all based on 100% natural extracts: DANZKA Vodka Apple, DANZKA Vodka Citrus, DANZKA Vodka Cranraz– a unique combination of Cranberry and Raspberry, DANZKA Vodka Currant and DANZKA Vodka Grapefruit.

Press contact: Brand Manager, Gabriele Knigge, Knigge@behn.de
Further information: www.behn.de/en

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