A Warm Welcome to Behn

Our family business proudly looks back on over 130 years of history and today, more than ever, stands for quality, reliability, and innovation in the food and beverage sector. Since 1892, we have been an independent, family-owned company, and over the years we have established a name that represents exceptional moments of enjoyment and a trustworthy collaboration with our business partners.

We are characterised by bold decisions and determined leadership. Our most important success factor is our team. With experience, passion, and commitment, each of our over 180 employees shapes the success of our company. Yesterday, today, and in the future.

Our Vision and Values

As an independent, family-owned group of companies, we reliably ensure the success of our outstanding food and beverages, we reliably ensure the success of our business partners and exceptional moments of pleasure for our customers. 

Building on our professional excellence paired with humanity, we always operate sustainably, deal creatively and flexibly with change and are widely recognised as a fair and reliable partner.

All this and our passion and enthusiasm for what we do every day - secure us a leading position in the market segments that are important to us in the long term.

Handshake – since 1892!

A New Generation Takes the Helm

We are proud to announce that the fifth generation of our family, Asmus and Lisa Behn, are joining the company. They are dedicated to thoroughly learning every aspect of our business and continuing the traditions and values that have made our company so successful. The young generation brings fresh ideas and new perspectives to lead our company into an even more successful future.

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Waldemar Behn GmbH

Expert in Unique Spirits Since 1892. Founded by Waldemar Behn, this family business has evolved over four generations into a globally recognized manufacturer. Marked by independence, expertise, and quality, Behn creates unmatched taste experiences every day. Partners value the company's flexibility and fair practices. With a handshake mentality and innovative entrepreneurial spirit, Behn is a leading player in the international spirits industry. Among the over 30 brands are Kleiner Feigling, Dooley's, DANZKA, Andalö, and Küstennebel.

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Behn Getränke GmbH

As a leading beverage wholesaler in the region, Behn Getränke supplies the hospitality industry, food retail, beverage markets, clinics and hospitals, as well as petrol stations from Flensburg to Neumünster. Our range includes a wide variety of premium beverages, featuring both traditional spirits and innovative new products. With our extensive selection, we stand for quality and diversity, ensuring unforgettable moments of enjoyment for our customers. Because "We have something against thirst."

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