CIL US Wines & Spirits Signs Agreement  to Import DANZKA® Vodka

Iconic metal bottle makes its return to the United States.

April 20, 2016 (Fort Lauderdale, FL)… CIL US Wines & Spirits, the American subsidiary of independent and family-owned Camus Wines & Spirits, announced today it has been selected as the importer and supplier for the return of DANZKA® Vodka to the United States.

DANZKA Vodka is a smooth aromatic Scandinavian- style vodka that is rich in taste with a bright clear and polished robe.  It is made using a combination of pure demineralized water, 100 percent whole-wheat grain, continuous six-column distillation, and a triple-filtration system.

“We are thrilled to lead the effort to welcome DANZKA Vodka back to the US,” said Jean Denis Voin, Executive Vice- President, CIL US Wines & Spirits.  “It is a great liquid and a brand which never had the kind of aggressive focus and attention that we are prepared to devote.”

DANZKA Vodka was established in Copenhagen, Denmark – some 25 years ago and launched in a stunning aluminum bottle, its sleek contemporary appearance a hallmark of Danish design.  In 2004, the brand was acquired by V&S/ The Absolute Spirits Company and launched in the United States. In 2006, the brand was sold to Belvedere SA. In 2013, DANZKA Vodka was purchased by Waldemar Behn GmbH, a fourth-generation German family-owned spirit business, headquartered in Eckernförde on former Danish territory in the most northern part of the country. Waldemar Behn’s plan is to focus on the unique values of this extraordinary vodka brand with the iconic aluminum bottle standing in the center of the brand-story.

“From the onset of our relationship with the CAMUS team, we have felt a shared respect for tradition and handcrafted quality,” said Rüdiger Behn, Managing Director, Waldemar Behn, GmbH.  “Both of our portfolios have been guided by generations, and we are confident that the CIL US team is ideally suited to help us prove that DANZKA Vodka is more than a cool package.”

DANZKA Vodka will initially be launching in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida and Illinois, in mid 2016, with an aggressive rollout continuing into 2017.  The U.S. portfolio of DANZKA includes:

DANZKA 40% (40% ABV) A true Scandinavian-styled vodka: slightly grainy, spicy & beautiful layers of sweetness. 2016 Gold Medal Winner – 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

DANZKA Apple (40%ABV) Beautiful and powerful green apple nose and first taste with a fullbodied red apple aftertaste.

DANZKA Citrus (40% ABV) Opens with pleasant aroma of slightly sweet lemon drops that develops with bright, spicy and fresh lemon.

DANZKA Cranraz (40%ABV) Unique to DANZKA, a subtle mix of fresh cranberry sweetened with a hint of aromatic raspberry.

DANZKA will be supported nationally with print advertising, on- and off-premise POS, public relations and events.  In the U.S., DANZKA is available in two sizes: 750 ml and 1liter; a 1.75L will be added later in 2016.

About DANZKA Vodka
DANZKA Vodka offers consumers a premium quality vodka in a Danish designed aluminum bottle that was modeled on the classic cocktail shaker. DANZKA Vodka is made using an advanced production process –a combination of water extracted from the underground that has been demineralized, 100% whole grain and a six-column continuous distillation process – producing a smooth aromatic vodka, rich in taste, with a slight note of citrus that makes it ideal to drink chilled. DANZKA Vodka’s proprietary aluminum bottle of sleek Danish design is made to chill very quickly. In the US, the DANZKA Vodka line consists of DANZKA 40%, DANZKA Apple, DANZKA Citrus, and unique to DANZKA Cranraz – a unique combination of cranberry and raspberry.

About CIL US Wines & Spirits
CIL US Wines & Spirits, Camus Wines & Spirits’ American subsidiary, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, acts as a distribution company developing the CAMUS Cognac range, as well as a portfolio of fine wines and craft spirits including agency brands Glencadam Highlands Scotch Whisky, Ungava premium Canadian Gin and DANZKA Vodka. Its dedicated sales & marketing team focuses on brand activation and brand building in major states, in collaboration with its partner distributors.

About CAMUS Wines & Spirits
Benefiting from 150 years of expertise in producing, supplying and distributing Cognac worldwide, the CAMUS group has successfully moved beyond the category and its traditional stronghold in travel retail through a heightened focus on duty-paid markets and expansion of its portfolio. Today Camus Wines & Spirits is an international independent distributor of a wide variety of mainstream and premium third-party wines & spirits brands such as Salon & Delamotte Champagnes, Domaine Pinnacle Ice Apple Wine, Ungava Super-premium Gin and DANZKA Vodka (in Vietnam). CAMUS is also the worldwide exclusive duty-free distributor of Moutai Small Batch Blend Baijiu and Château de Laubade Bas Armagnac.

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