Wikinger Nydam

Like the Wikinger Met Honigweine honey wines, the stronger honey liqueur Wikinger Nydam also comes from the core region of Viking country around the historic trading centre of Haithabu in northern Schleswig-Holstein. This premium-class honey liqueur takes its name from the famous Nydam boat, a gigantic rowing boat over 20 metres long, which was salvaged from the moor of the same name 1700 years ago. The ships later used by the Vikings to discover new worlds were modelled on this boat.

As a premium-class honey liqueur, Wikinger Nydam is predestined for pure enjoyment, but is also ideal as a high-quality and extremely sophisticated cocktail ingredient. Made with an above-average proportion of exquisite honey, refined with selected spices and rounded off with a light oak flavour,  Wikinger Nydam combines all the power and mysticism of the fascinating Viking Age in a spectacular liqueur.

  • 30% vol.
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