Wikinger Met

Haithabu was a historic Viking metropolis for trade. Here at the Fjord “Schlei”, this mysterious Viking speciality had its origins. Only the original is good enough!

Original Wikinger Met 11% vol.
Roter Wikinger Met 6% vol.
Hanf Wikinger Met 10% vol.
Heißer Wikinger Met 10% vol.

Wikinger Nydam Honey Liqueur

Stronger than the classical mead the honey liqueur Wikinger Nydam was also born in the heart of the Viking country around the historic Haithabu Viking village in northern part of Schleswig-Holstein. This premium-class honey liqueur is named after the famous Nydam boat, a gigantic rowing boat over 20 meters long that was salvaged nearby from the Nydam moor around 1700 years ago. It was the base model for the ships with which the Vikings later used to discover new worlds.As a premium-class honey liqueur, Wikinger Nydam is best to indulge pure, but can be also used as cocktail base due to its high-quality. Made with an high proportion of exquisite honey, refined with selected spices and rounded by a light oak note, Wikinger Nydam combines all the power and mysticism of the fascinating Viking Age in a spectacular liqueur pleasure.

Wikinger Nydam 30% vol.


Wikinger Noorgaard Gin is a tribute to the culture of the Vikings and takes Viking fans and gin lovers alike on an enjoyable journey through the mystical legends of the far north. Wikinger Noorgaard Gin stands for everything that distinguishes a real Viking gin: It is authentic, powerful and unique. The classic dry gin is inspired by the fascinating legends of Nordic mythology and deeply rooted in its homeland. The native berries and herbs of the North, together with juniper and lemon, provide the aromatic notes of the gin. The Original Wikinger Met provides sweet, floral facets. The black bottle bears the inscription of the famous rune stone at Haithabu, one of the most important settlements of the Vikings. The gin is suitable in combination with a high-quality tonic water or for pure enjoyment.

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Connoisseur’s Tip:

Viking Punch

2 bottles Wikinger Met

1 bottle sparkling wine

1 bottle apple spritzer

2 apples


Wash and cut the apples into bite-sized pieces. Add Wikinger Met and leave overnight. Before serving add the other ingrediences and mix in a punch bowl.

Wikinger Bowle