Vodka, the clear and versatile spirit, is known worldwide for its purity and subtle flavour. The name vodka translates from Russian as "little water", which further emphasises its clarity and purity. Vodka (English spelling and increasingly popular in this country) is often referred to as the centrepiece of cocktail culture. The spirit has a rich and fascinating history and plays a central role in the modern drinks industry and bar scene.

Russia and Poland argue over the origins of vodka 

The origins of vodka go back to medieval Russia and Poland, where it was once used as a medicine. Just as the Scots and Irish fight over the origins of whisky, the Russians and Poles fight over who invented vodka. Commercial production began in the 14th and 15th centuries and by the 16th century, distillation techniques had improved significantly, resulting in an ever purer product. In the 19th century, the introduction of continuous distillation revolutionised vodka production, resulting in an even more consistent and purer vodka. This development led to the characteristic, clear vodka that we know and love today. Dmitri Mendeleev, a Russian scientist, played a key role in establishing the alcohol standard of 40%. In the 20th century, vodka gained global popularity, especially in the USA and Europe, fuelled by cocktails such as the Moscow Mule.

Modern vodkas are distilled several times for maximum purity 

The production of vodka is a process that requires precision and care. Modern vodkas are often distilled several times to remove impurities and maximise purity. Some premium brands utilise innovative filtration methods such as pass-through filtration through charcoal or other materials to achieve even greater clarity and smoothness. For our DANZKA vodka brand, the alcohol goes through a continuous, six-stage column distillation process

This process allows us to fully control the distillation at every stage and ensure that unwanted impurities are removed.  

Vodka is a versatile drink and the ideal neutral base for cocktails

The versatility of vodka is not only evident in its use in a variety of cocktails, but also in the range of flavours available. From classic, unflavoured vodka to variants with subtle nuances of citrus, berries or even pepper - vodka offers something to suit every taste. Both, classic vodka and flavoured vodka, can be drunk neat as a "shot" at a party. In Germany, however, vodka is more popular as a long drink, for example as a "vodka-O" with orange juice or in combination with passion fruit juice or cranberry juice. 
Vodka is indispensable in the modern bar scene. It is the basis for many classic cocktails such as the Martini, the Cosmopolitan or the Bloody Mary. Bartenders around the world appreciate vodka for its ability to complement other flavours without overpowering them. This characteristic makes it a favourite for experimental cocktails and innovative drink creations.

The global vodka scene is flourishing  

The global vodka scene is characterised by a mixture of tradition and innovation. While some distilleries focus on traditional methods and recipes, others experiment with new ingredients and distillation techniques to create unique products.This diversity has led to a renaissance in vodka production, with a growing number of small distilleries and craft distilleries specialising in high quality, handcrafted vodka. 
The popularity of vodka is also reflected in its global presence. From Europe through North America to Asia, vodka is enjoyed and appreciated worldwide. This universal appeal makes vodka one of the best-selling spirits in the world. In addition to Eastern Europe, Scandinavia is another focal point of heritage and production.

BEHN combines best vodka with Danish design: DANZKA Vodka stands for the highest quality and impresses with its beautifully shaped, iconic and practical unbreakable aluminium bottle. DANZKA is made from 100% whole grain. The exclusive use of grain guarantees a balanced premium vodka with a first-class flavour and aroma. DANZKA Forty and DANZKA Fifty are the perfect symbiosis of wheat and natural Nordic water. Every vodka lover will find a favourite among the varieties flavoured with 100% natural aromas. The selection includes DANZKA Vodka Citrus, DANZKA Vodka Grapefruit, DANZKA Vodka Currant, DANZKA Vodka Cranraz and DANZKA Vodka Apple. The range is rounded off by DANZKA THE SPIRIT – an exceptional vodka with 44% vol. in superior quality. 

Vodka is more than just a clear liquid in a vodka bottle. It is a symbol of purity, versatility and innovation in the world of spirits. Whether pure, on ice or as part of a sophisticated cocktail, vodka offers an unrivalled taste experience and remains an indispensable part of global drinking culture.

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