Ready-to-drink / mixed drinks

Premix drinks are practical, refreshing companions for on the go and spontaneous occasions: open the can and the ready-mixed aperitif or cocktail to go is ready for uncomplicated enjoyment.
Ready-to-drink (RTD) and mixed drinks have established themselves as indispensable components of modern drinking culture. They offer a convenient and appealing option for connoisseurs looking for quality and convenience.

The evolution and production of ready-to-drink beverages

The history of RTD and mixed drinks is a story of innovation and adaptation. Originally introduced as simple, pre-mixed versions of popular cocktails, they have evolved into a category of their own with a variety of flavours and styles. This evolution reflects consumers' desire for quality and convenience without sacrificing flavour.

The production of our RTD and mixed drinks focuses on quality and convenience. By using high quality ingredients and careful blending processes, we ensure that each drink offers a balanced flavour experience. The use of cans not only provides an environmentally friendly packaging alternative, but also increases the portability and convenience of the drinks, ideal for on-the-go enjoyment. In addition, can packaging ensures a longer shelf life for drinks without the need for preservatives, ensuring the freshness and quality of our products over a longer period of time. Carbonated ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages in cans offer a refreshing and revitalising drinking experience. The carbon dioxide in these drinks is carefully dosed to ensure a pleasant mouthfeel and optimum flavour development. The can packaging is particularly advantageous as it effectively traps the carbon dioxide, ensuring lasting freshness and effervescence. These RTD drinks are ideal for travelling, outdoor activities or simply as a refreshing alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks.

From classics to modern creations

The range of RTD and mixed drinks extends from classic cocktails to modern, experimental creations. Traditional drinks such as gin and tonic, mojito and margarita are popular in pre-mixed form, while newer trends such as craft cocktails and exotic fruit blends showcase the diversity and creativity of this category. At BEHN, we make sure that our RTD products appeal to both classic and modern tastes.

Popular wherever convenience and simplicity are required

RTD and mixed drinks play an important role in modern drinking culture. They are ideal for spontaneous get-togethers, outdoor events such as beach parties and barbecues, music festivals and concerts, sporting events and special celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. Our RTD drinks also offer a stylish and practical solution for relaxed evenings at home or when travelling and on excursions. 
These versatile drinks are an expression of modern drinking culture and offer a suitable, uncomplicated flavour experience for every situation.

A sparkling treat in a can

At BEHN, we have transformed our popular party shot classic with cult factor into a sparkling premix. Kleiner Feigling Die Dose is a vodka mix in a slim can that combines the flavour of figs with fine sparkling carbon dioxide to create a tangy treat for on the go. The fizz of the can when it is opened and the fruity, fresh flavour are a highlight for the senses. The famous pair of eyes on the black can is an eye-catcher at any party.
RTD and mixed drinks are more than just a convenient alternative to traditional cocktails, long drinks and aperitifs. They symbolise the modern way of life, combining quality, convenience and innovation. Whether for a relaxed evening at home, a spontaneous celebration or as a companion on the go - our RTD and mixed drinks offer the right flavour experience for every occasion.