Punch: the ultimate hot drink for the cold season

The fascination with hot drinks, especially punch, goes way back in history and connects cultures and traditions around the globe. As one of the most popular hot drinks in the cold season, punch is synonymous with coziness and get-togethers. Originally from India, punch, the preparation of punch, has established itself as a winter tradition that is celebrated in Europe and beyond during the winter months. The basis of punch is a harmonious blend of alcohol enriched with hot water, sugar, fresh citrus fruits and a selection of spices such as cinnamon and cloves.

The secret of an outstanding punch lies in the art of preparation and the quality of its ingredients. It is a creative process that involves finding the perfect balance between sweetness, acidity and the spicy notes of the spices. Nowadays, there are countless variations of this classic hot drink, ranging from sweet and fruity to strong and spicy.

The multi-faceted indulgence where there are virtually no limits to creativity

The modern interpretation and versatility of punch make it a must-have for the winter season. From alcohol-free versions to creative reinterpretations with exotic fruits and unusual spices - punch offers endless ways to enjoy the cold months. The hot drinks are not only warming and comforting, but also promote togetherness, whether it's a cozy evening at home, a festive gathering or a winter outdoor event.

Hot mead: A feel-good drink not just for fans of honey wine

Hot mead, also known as spiced honey wine, is a traditional hot drink that is particularly popular in the colder months. This drink, which is based on the fermentation of honey, is refined with spices such as cinnamon and cloves and offers a warming alternative to punch and mulled wine. The quality of the honey is crucial to the taste, and the addition of spices during heating enhances its rich flavor.

Whether for a festive occasion or a relaxed evening at home, hot mead is a highlight of winter drinks that combines tradition and indulgence. Its growing popularity at Christmas markets and in winter bars underlines its status as an essential drink for the cold season.

Delicious hot drinks for every palate

The selection of hot drinks from BEHN is as varied as the punch traditions:
In the northern regions, the real Frisian tea punch is a favorite among the locals. This special drink essentially consists of black tea sweetened with rock sugar and refined with a strong shot of de geele Köm, a type of aquavit.

Another traditional hot drink from the north is the famous honey wine or Wikinger Met, which is enjoyed either straight, spiced or as the basis for a Viking punch, are also known from the cold north.

Winter in the mountains also offers a paradise for lovers of hot drinks, with a variety of warming delicacies in almost every ski hut. The Austrian-made Alpenmax Jagatee, a blend of black tea, local rum and spices, is a time-honored favorite. As a concentrate for mixing with hot water, BEHN offers you plenty of enjoyment in a handy format.

The Alpine punch varieties from Nannerl provide even more punch variation as a concentrate in the wintery-fruity varieties of Heiße Marille, Mandarine-Ingwer or Zwetschge-Zimt as well as alcohol-free Mehrfrucht-Punsch. Creamy hot drinks are also very popular at the snow bar. Dooleys is right on trend with the Bombardino variety made from egg liqueur, spices, cream and a shot of premium rum.

Whether punch or hot mead - delicious hot drinks are at the heart of winter traditions and are the perfect accompaniment for those who want to add warmth, flavor and coziness to the cold season. Whether punching at home or enjoying a hot mead at a winter or Christmas market, these hot drinks are essential for an authentic winter experience.