Party Spirits

Party Spirits

Party spirits, the colourful and lively stars of any celebration, are known for their variety and unique character. These drinks, which range from fruity liqueurs to strong shots, are a must for any successful party. Not only do they add colour to any gathering, they are also an expression of joy and community.

The history of party spirits is as colourful as their diversity

With the advent of the industrial revolution and the further development of distillation technology, an era of experimentation began. This was the birth of many of the modern party spirits we know and love today. Originally intended as simple, strong drinks for special occasions, over time they have developed into a category of their own. Today, they are an integral part of modern drinking culture and are enjoyed in bars and at parties around the world. From classic recipes to innovative creations - the world of party spirits is constantly changing and always offers new flavour experiences.

Production: a process full of care and creativity

The production of party spirits is a process that involves both traditional methods and modern techniques. Distillation concentrates the flavours and removes impurities, resulting in a clearer and purer end product. Liqueurs are often infused, where the flavours of fruits, herbs and spices are infused into the alcohol. This step is crucial for the development of the complex flavour profiles that characterise party spirits. At BEHN, we attach great importance to the quality of the raw materials to ensure that every sip is an unforgettable experience.

Party spirits - diverse and perfect for every occasion

The versatility of party spirits is reflected in their use. They can be served neat as a shot or used as a base for colourful cocktails. Whether as a refreshing drink on a hot summer's day, as a warming shot on a cool evening or as a highlight at an exuberant party - there is a suitable party spirit for every occasion.

At BEHN, we offer Kleiner Feigling a party spirit with cult status. The party shot with the pair of eyes is perfect for a variety of celebratory occasions: from exuberant carnival celebrations and lively stag parties to relaxed garden parties and cheerful birthday parties to the sociable celebrations surrounding the Oktoberfest, the energetic atmospheres of festivals and concerts and the exciting celebrations at the start of term. Party spirits are also an essential part of nightlife in the disco scene. Whether it's a toast to new stages in life, celebrating traditional festivals or simply enjoying good times with friends  – Kleiner Feigling Das Original and its friends Coco Biscuit, Magic Mango, Kirsch-Banana, Red Berry Sour and Green Lemon are welcome guests at any party. Seasonal special editions also mix up the party. As a vodka mix in a slim can, Kleiner Feigling Die Dose combines the flavour of figs with fine sparkling carbon dioxide to create a tangy treat at any party.

If you're looking for something a little more high-proof and Alpine flair, Alpenschnaps is the ideal celebration schnapps. Whether for Oktoberfest, après-ski or to celebrate a successful hike - the fruit brandy with the recipe from the Alps always ensures a good time;

BEHN brings the party to your home: our selection of party spirits stands for fun, quality and innovation. From fruity liqueurs to strong shots - everyone will find their favourite here. Be inspired by the variety of our products and make your next party an unforgettable experience.