Build the world’s longest Friesengeist Mile with us

On the 29th of December 2023 we will break the record of 183 m in Carolinensiel

Every year on the 29th of December, we build the world’s longest Friesengeist Mile at the winter market around the museum harbour in Carolinensiel (East Frisia). Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this is a wonderful opportunity to get together with family and friends or to make new friends.

The Friesengeist shoes, lined up in a row and filled with glasses of burning ORIGINAL FRIESENGEIST, are a recurring highlight of a very special kind. Real East Frisians and curious tourists stand cheerfully together at the planks around the museum harbour, which are decorated with Friesengeist shoes. There is something magical about lighting the glasses together in the evening darkness. As soon as the flames have gone out, enjoy the ORIGINAL FRIESENGEIST with friends or nice strangers in an authentic East Frisian way: ” leise, auf echte Friesenweise, den Friesen zur Ehr’, vom Friesengeist mehr!” Reciting this traditional toast together will warm your heart and create a moment of connectedness.

Our ORIGINAL FRIESENGEIST, a 56% original from the North Sea coast, impresses with its aromatic flavour, which is created using fine fruit and herb extracts. It is produced according to a traditional East Frisian recipe, without any additives.

The event has been taking place since 2008, but was paused during the coronavirus pandemic. The last mile was therefore set up in 2019 and reached the incredible record of 182.52 metres. We will definitely break it together this year, so be part of it!

Find out how you can take part here: Friesengeistmeile in Carolinensiel (

You can find out more about our ORIGINAL FRIESENGEIST here: