Fruit liqueur

Fine spirits and fruit: combined to create an explosion of flavor

Fruit liqueur - an explosion of fruity flavors that combines indulgence and innovation. This colorful spirit is a highlight for anyone who appreciates the combination of intense fruit flavor and fine alcohol. Originating from the tradition of liqueur production, fruit liqueur has developed into a versatile and popular drink that is enjoyed worldwide and by all age groups.

The basis of fruit liqueur is usually a clear alcohol such as vodka or brandy, which is enriched with natural fruit flavors. The range of flavors for fruit liqueur is almost limitless - from classic fruits such as cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, orange and lemon to more exotic varieties such as mango, passion fruit or coconut. Nowadays, every fruit liqueur fan will find their favorite from the wide selection of fruity spirits. The fruit is added either fresh, as juice or in the form of natural flavorings to give the fruity liqueur its characteristic taste.

The production of fruit liqueur is a creative and meticulous process. The selection and combination of fruits, the balance between sweetness and acidity and the intensity of the flavor are decisive for the quality of the end product. Modern production methods make it possible to preserve the freshness and purity of the fruit flavors while ensuring consistent quality. An appealing color that matches the taste is also decisive for the overall picture: it has a significant influence on the taste experience.

Whether pure, in cocktails or in desserts: fruit liqueur adds intense flavor

Fruit liqueur is not only a pleasure on its own or on ice, but also a versatile ingredient in cocktail culture. It gives cocktails a fruity note and can be used in both classic recipes and new, innovative creations. A bartender couldn't create a Sex on the Beach, Singapore Sling or Cosmopolitan without the all-important fruit liqueur. A fruity cocktail is almost always a good choice. Fruit liqueur is also an excellent flavoring agent in desserts, whether in creams, over ice cream or in pastries. If you're in a hurry, a glass of fruit liqueur can also replace the dessert entirely and serve as the only sweet finish.

BEHN offers a wide range of fruit liqueur brands: from classic fruit liqueur varieties to unusual creations. Kleiner Feigling Das Original is a vodka-based fig liqueur with cult status. The popular party shot in a small bottle creates a great atmosphere and cheerful gatherings. The unmistakable original with the pair of eyes does not come alone: its party friends are called Coco Biscuit, Magic Mango, Kirsch-Banana, Red Berry Sour and Green Lemon. Seasonal special editions also mix up the party. As a vodka mix in a slim can, Kleiner Feigling Die Dose combines the aroma of figs with fine sparkling carbon dioxide to create a tangy treat for on the go.

If that's too wild for you, the Nordic aperitif Andalö could be just the thing: a fruity, fresh aperitif liqueur. Enjoyed neat, on ice or with Prosecco and soda as an Andalö Spritz, this orange-golden aperitif conjures up rays of sunshine in your glass.

Fiete´s Kirsch, the traditional vodka-based cherry liqueur, has a pleasantly sweet and sour taste and is adorned with the cheeky seagull Fiete, who has now won many fans beyond northern Germany. This unique, maritime gift is not only delicious, but also a fun souvenir of a vacation by the sea.

A fruit liqueur from BEHN is not just a drink, but an experience that enchants the senses. The best fruit liqueur for unforgettable moments of pleasure in the best company.