The ceremony of drinking Fischergeist is one of the most fascinating traditions in northern Germany. Its classic, refreshing taste ensues from the magic game with flames in the Fischergeist cups when serving, making it an unforgettable experience. When extinguished and drunk with care, Fischergeist is the crowning moment at the end of a special, sociable evening.

56% vol.

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Connoisseur’s Tip


Fill the original Fischer-Geist mug almost brimful with approximately 2cl
Fischergeist. Light it. After approximately one minute, extinguish the flames with the small copper flame extinguisher provided. The contents can then be enjoyed shortly afterwards, when cooled. This is especially pleasant in a social gathering, accompanied by a special drinking toast:

„Mug for mug, Fischergeist,
encased in its magic flame –
raise your cups –
long live Fischer-Spirit!“