The fine digestif: a necessity for digestion after a meal

The digestif, an indispensable part of food culture, is deeply rooted in European tradition. Originally conceived to aid digestion after a meal, the digestif has evolved into a significant cultural event. More than just an end to a meal, it symbolises a moment of pleasure. Whether as a high-proof brandy, aromatic liqueur or fine digestif, a digestif from Behn is the perfect way to round off any culinary experience.

A symphony of intense flavours and exquisite presentation

The art of the digestif unfolds in the variety and intensity of its flavours. Traditional digestifs, such as Italian grappa, French cognac or German herbal liqueur, impress with a spectrum of flavours ranging from sweet to bitter. Modern variations enrich this spectrum with creative blends of spices, herbs and fruity and chocolaty notes.

From traditional roots to a symbol of hospitality

Over time, the digestif has evolved from a simple digestive aid to an expressive symbol of hospitality and fine flavours. It creates the perfect setting to round off a meal and round off the evening in a pleasant atmosphere. Today, bars and restaurants present a wide range of digestifs, from timeless classics to innovative creations that reflect a culture of appreciation and enjoyment.

A digestif for every occasion

Hosts can choose from a variety of digestif brands or surprise guests with a special creation of their own. Whether autumnal flavours or summer freshness, Christmas specialities or New Year's Eve highlights - the world of digestifs offers endless possibilities for a special evening.

From insider tip to worldwide recognition

The wide range of digestifs reflects the cultural diversity of their origins. From strong brandies to smooth herbal schnapps - there is a digestif to suit every taste. The careful selection of a digestif can ideally complement the culinary enjoyment of a meal. What once began as a local custom in countries such as Italy, France and Germany has developed into a globally appreciated ritual that celebrates the cultural richness and tradition of hospitality.

At Behn, we also celebrate the diverse digestif traditions of different nations and regions with a large selection of different digestifs, including dark and clear herbal liqueurs such as the Original Radeberger Kräuterlikör, the Original Leuchtfeuer with its distinctive bottle or the coastal herbal liqueur Wattenläuper. The intense Original Friesengeist based on an original East Frisian recipe, is just as captivating as the Fischergeist with a special ceremony that emphasises the symbolism of the digestif: the clear herbal liqueurs are lit and extinguished before drinking, creating a particularly magical atmosphere.

Another highlight among the digestive spirits is the Nordic aquavit, whose characteristic caraway flavour makes it the perfect end to a sumptuous meal. Served in ice-cold, pre-cooled glasses, it represents the ideal moment of pleasure. Discover our Gosch Aquavit for this exquisite flavour experience. Not forgetting the popular De geele Köm vun Herm. G. D., a speciality based on caraway seeds. Aniseed schnapps, such as the Küstennebel, round off the meal just as perfectly.
Fruit brandies in a wide variety of flavours are also among the classic digestifs. Our  Alpenschnaps Obstler steht beispielhaft für diese Kategorie, die mit ihrer fruchtigen Note den Verdauungsprozess angenehm begleitet.

In der großen Auswahl an Digestifs aus dem Hause BEHN ist für jeden Geschmack die passende Abrundung eines eleganten Dinners, geselligen Menüs und deftigen Abendessens dabei.