DANZKA is one of the leading premium vodkas worldwide. It owes its unique bottle design and incomparable taste to its Danish origins. Its secret also lies in the six-stage distillation process, using soft, clear northern water, mixed with 100% Korn (schnapps) and distilled in six stages. The result is a delicate well-balanced vodka, 40% alc/vol, mild and pure with an incomparable rich taste. It serves as the perfect base in a cocktail or straight for pure enjoyment. Also known as the world leading vodka for travellers. The unique aluminium bottle is not only ideal for speedy cooling but also guarantees safe travel.

The DANZKA range includes :

  • DANZKA Original
  • DANZKA Fifty

And five flavours:

  • DANZKA Apple
  • DANZKA Citrus
  • DANZKA Currant
  • DANZKA Cranraz
  • DANZKA Grapefruit

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Connoisseur’s Tip

DANZKA Caipiroska


3 cl lime juice

3 Teaspoons demerara sugar (cane)

Combine lime juice with sugar, pour into ice-chilled glasses. Fill

with ice and add DANZKA. Stir and decorate with a slice of lime.