DANZKA has taken its family of award-winning vodkas to the next level with the release of THE SPIRIT, a brand new, totally pure Vodka created on the origins of vodka distilling.

THE SPIRIT began as an idea between friends by the beautiful Limfjord in Denmark to create the ultimate variant of DANZKA Vodka. Rüdiger Behn, a passionate distiller and the fourth generation of his family producing spirits, and Timothy Jacob Jensen, Group CEO and Chief designer of Jacob Jensen Design, developed the concept to create a new vodka combining the highest distilling arts with Scandinavian design traditions.


The long process they used to create THE SPIRIT evolved it into a perfect taste experience that involves all senses.

The result is a vodka with 44% vol. / 88 proof based on a long tradition of vodka distilling – pure, substantial and slightly grainy – a perfect symbioses of raw wheat and Nordic water