Cream liqueur

Cream liqueur

Cream liqueur is a new invention

Cream liqueur, a creamy delight with a variety of flavours, is a popular drink that is enjoyed on its own, in cocktails or as an ingredient in desserts. Its roots can be found in the tradition of liqueur production, although the combination of cream and alcohol is a relatively modern development.
The basis of cream liqueur is usually a high-proof alcohol, usually whisky, rum, brandy or vodka, which is refined with cream and various flavours. The range of flavours extends from classic vanilla to chocolate, coffee, caramel, marzipan and more exotic varieties such as coconut. Fruits such as blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, peach or passion fruit are also popular. There are virtually no limits to creativity. The creamy consistency and sweet flavour make cream liqueurs particularly popular.

The production of cream liqueur is very demanding

The production of cream liqueur requires particular care, as the mixture of alcohol and cream poses a challenge for the stability of the end product. Modern emulsifiers and stabilisers help to distribute the cream evenly in the alcohol and prevent the ingredients from separating. Despite these technical aids, the quality of the ingredients used remains decisive for the flavour of the end product. The quality of the cream is of particular importance as it influences the flavour and texture of the liqueur. Cream liqueurs are often enriched with various flavours such as chocolate, coffee, vanilla or fruit flavours. These ingredients are added either during or after the mixing process. Throughout the production process, careful quality control is crucial to ensure that the cream liqueur has the desired flavour and consistency.

Cream liqueur is a delight for a variety of occasions

Cream liqueur has become a popular drink for special occasions. It is often served after a meal as a digestif or savoured during the cold season for a warming drinking experience. Due to its luxurious character, cream liqueur is often a favourite for celebrations such as Christmas, New Year's Eve or anniversaries. It is either enjoyed on its own or used as an ingredient in festive drinks. Cream liqueur can also be used as an additive in coffee or hot chocolate to give them a special flavour.

The creamy liqueur also goes perfectly with many desserts, especially those with chocolate, caramel or fruit. A small glass of liqueur can perfectly complement a dessert and provide a well-rounded flavour experience, or even replace it if it has to be quick and uncomplicated. Cream liqueur is also a great ingredient in numerous dessert recipes: from creams and chocolates to fine pastries such as biscuits and cakes.

In cocktail culture, cream liqueur provides a rich basis for creative mixes and lends a creamy flavour to many classic cocktails. It gives mixed drinks a creamy texture and a deep, complex flavour. Popular cocktails with cream liqueur include the White Russian and B52.

There are many cream liqueur brands and cream liqueur varieties worldwide. However, no other cream liqueur has been able to claim as many gold medals and top positions in comparative tests as Dooley's Original Toffee Cream Liqueur from BEHN. The combination of high-quality vodka, first-class cream and a special toffee-caramel recipe gives Dooley's its unique and successful character. A toffee liqueur with an irresistible creaminess: the best cream liqueur for special occasions. Dooley's White Chocolate Cream Liqueur enchants with nuances of white chocolate and sweet berries. Dooley's Egg Cream Liqueur  is a classic egg liqueur that is unrivalled. Limited editions provide additional variety with this premium cream liqueur.


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