The enthusiasm for syrup, especially elderflower syrup, and its use in cocktails spans centuries and connects culinary traditions worldwide. As an essential sweetener in modern gastronomy, syrup, especially in the form of cocktail syrup, has established itself as a key component for innovative drinks creations. Originally developed to preserve fruit flavours, syrup is now omnipresent in the bar and kitchen world.

The secret of an outstanding syrup lies in the quality of its basic ingredients and the precision of its preparation. When making elderflower syrup, for example, the perfect balance between the natural sweetness and the floral flavour of the elderberry is crucial. The variety of syrups available today ranges from classically sweet to aromatic floral and spicy flavours, with elderflower syrup being particularly popular for cocktails.

Unlimited possibilities for creative cocktails and culinary masterpieces

From enhancing impressive cocktails to refining desserts, syrup offers endless possibilities for adding flavour to food and drinks. Cocktail syrups, such as those made from elderflower, add depth to mixed drinks by introducing sweet, floral and complex notes.

Syrup and elderflower syrup: Indispensable for cocktail culture and beyond

The enduring popularity of syrup in cocktail culture and its versatility in the kitchen emphasise its role as an indispensable ingredient. Elderflower syrup, the star among cocktail syrups, enchants with its unique flavour that enriches cocktails, hot drinks and culinary creations alike. The enduring enthusiasm for syrup, especially in cocktail making, reflects the creative and versatile use of this timeless sweetener, which enables both traditional and innovative flavour experiences.

With Hugo elderflower syrup, the popular aperitif drink is ready in no time at all: simply add mineral water or Prosecco and the stylish drink is ready.