Clear Spirits

Clear spirits: a journey of discovery through authentic schnapps

If the term "clear spirits" immediately brings to mind the traditional North German Korn or the more full-bodied Doppelkorn, you may be grasping part of the truth, but by no means the whole spectrum of this fascinating beverage category. The term "clear spirits" covers a remarkable variety, all of which are produced on the basis of so-called agricultural alcohol. The unifying element of this group of spirits is the origin of their alcoholic base: it was obtained from agriculturally produced raw materials. These include cereals such as wheat and rye, which are particularly popular in the production of spirits, but also fruit, potatoes, sugar beet and even wine.

This broad range of raw materials opens up a wide field for flavour diversity and characteristic nuances within the category of clear spirits. While Korn and Doppelkorn are deeply rooted in German drinking culture, other clear spirits such as vodka, which is traditionally distilled from potatoes or grain, or grappa, which is distilled from wine, offer insights into the versatility and innovative power of the art of distillation.

Careful selection for a clear flavour

The production of clear spirits begins with the careful selection and processing of the raw materials. The transformation of simple agricultural alcohol into a flavourful distillate requires expertise and precision. Distillation separates the alcohol from its accompanying substances, resulting in a high-proof, clear product. The quality and purity of the end product depends heavily on the quality of the neutral alcohol used, which is further refined through filtration processes to achieve a profile that is as pure and neutral in flavour as possible.

At Waldemar Behn GmbH, great importance is attached to the origin and quality of the raw materials to ensure that every bottle that leaves the company meets the highest standards. This precision in selection and processing is reflected in the purity and flavour of the end products.
The variety of clear spirits invites you on a journey of discovery that goes far beyond the traditional boundaries of Korn and Doppelkorn. It offers the opportunity to explore the subtle differences between the various agricultural alcohol-based spirits and discover the stories behind each drop. Whether as part of a ritual toast, as an accompaniment in cocktails or as a pure indulgence, clear spirits are an integral part of global drinking culture and a testament to the art and science of distillation.

Diverse selection and regional tradition

In addition to the nationally and internationally popular Premium-Vodka DANZKA, the particularly mild vodka in the Scandinavian tradition, BEHN's range is characterised by regional clear schnapps made according to traditional recipes that have been handed down over the years. Lovers of fruity fruit brandies will get their money's worth with Alpenschnaps Steinbeisser - the original with a real felt hat - in fruity flavours such as apricot, pear, fruit schnapps or raspberry. The high-proof Fischergeist has a classic Nordic flavour. Served distilled, it is just as eye-catching as the Original Friesengeist and, when quenched and drunk with care, two classics for stylish North German conviviality.