Celtic Whisky Distillerie

A distillery located between land and sea and deeply rooted in the traditions of its Breton homeland. Unique whiskies that not only reveal their Celtic soul in their names, but also impress with their absolute quality and authenticity. Founded in 1997 in the heart of the Trégor region on the coast of northern Brittany, the Celtic Whisky Distillery is a pioneer of French whisky and is now one of the most successful distilleries in France. Traditional distillation and ageing techniques and its location close to the sea provide the ideal conditions for producing exceptional whiskies with a strong Celtic identity.

Since 2020, the Celtic Whisky Distillery has been part of Maison Villevert, a specialist in high-end French spirits such as G'Vine Grape Gin and La Quintinye Vermouth Royal. The product of this new alliance is the first Celtic premium blend GWALARN, which complements the traditional single malt range of Celtic Whisky Distillerie with a highly innovative whisky, benefiting from all the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the Celtic distillery between land and sea.

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BEHN CWD Kornog 07l Markenbereich 680x1080px 11 23

KORNOG Single Malt

46% vol.

BEHN CWD Gwalarn 07l Markenbereich 680x1080px 11 23

GWALARN Whisky Keltischer Blend

40% vol.

BEHN CWD Glann 07l Markenbereich 680x1080px 11 23 v2

GLANN AR MOR Single Malt

46% vol. 

BEHN CWD 07l Markenbereich 680x1080px 11 23

GWALARN Celtic Malt Whisky

43% vol.

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