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American Whiskey

Barley, yeast, water, oak and the pursuit of happiness - this is how the whiskey distillery Boulder Spirits in the US state of Colorado describes the foundation of its work. A small whiskey company with big dreams, even bigger goals and the largest distillery in the state. Alastair Brogan brought Forsyth's 1,000-gallon copper still from his native Scotland to Boulder when he moved to the USA in 2012 to fulfill his dream of a traditional single malt "Made in USA". Today, Boulder Spirits is a leader in the ever-growing category of American single malts. Combining Scottish and American whiskey traditions, Boulder Spirits produces bourbon and American single malt whiskeys of unique smoothness at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, which have already won numerous international awards.

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BEHN BO Spirits Bourbon 07l Markenbereich 680x1080px 11 23

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

42% vol.

boulder spirits american single malt 07l

American Single Malt Whiskey

46% vol.

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