From its humble beginnings as a traditional remedy to its role as a valued accompaniment to social gatherings, anise liquor has had a remarkable journey. Originally used in medicinal contexts to benefit from its digestive properties, anise liquor has become a staple in the world of spirits. In many cultures, it is served after a meal as a digestif to promote well-being and round off the culinary experience.

The production of anise liquor is an art in itself. The process begins with the careful selection of aniseed seeds, which are then distilled to release their characteristic flavour. In addition to aniseed, other aromatic herbs and spices can be added to refine and vary the flavour profile.

Anise liquor in modern bar culture

Anise liquor is no longer just enjoyed neat or on ice, but is also used in a variety of cocktails, where it sets accents with its distinctive flavour. Classics such as the Sazerac or the Ouzo tonic prove that anise liquor is a versatile ingredient that adds a new dimension to cocktails.

So what characterises a high-quality anise liquor?
It is the harmony between the intensity of the aniseed flavour and the sweetness that is accentuated by the distillation process. Each brand and each region brings its own flavour to the production process, resulting in an impressive variety of flavours. Whether from the eastern Mediterranean, where varieties such as ouzo and sambuca are popular, or from western countries, which offer their own variations such as pastis and anisette, anise liquor is a global phenomenon.
Eckernförde is also home to Küstennebel Sternanis, an aniseed liquor that is the epitome of North German speciality spirits and, with its traditional family recipe, has stood for unmistakable taste for generations.

Today, aniseed liquor is experiencing a renaissance, not only as an after-dinner drink, but also as a key component in cocktail culture and as part of culinary discoveries. Anise liquor is a timeless classic that no bar should be without. Whether for a cosy evening with friends or as an elegant end to a fine meal, aniseed offers a rich palette of possibilities to be discovered.