Alpenschnaps Fassgelagert

The distillers at Nannerl in Salzburg have created impressive creations with their limited special series "ALTE SORTEN" from ALPENSCHNAPS, of which they have good reason to be proud: These are the finest Alpine schnapps that have been refined through exclusive ageing in barrels. These traditional Austrian fruit spirits spend several months in old sherry barrels made from American white oak, where they absorb characteristic, slightly woody notes and additional fruity flavours. The noble, golden lustre of the barrel-matured ALPENSCHNAPS varieties also develops during this extended storage period in the wooden barrels.

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Alpenschnaps Alte Haselnuss Fassgelagert 05l

Alpenschnaps Alte Haselnuss

41,8 % vol. 

Alpenschnaps Alte Marille Fassgelagert 05l

Alpenschnaps Alte Marille

41,8 % vol. 

Alpenschnaps Alte Williamsbirne Fassgelagert 05l

Alpenschnaps Alte Williamsbirne

41,8 % vol.